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Mistakes to avoid as drivers

Owning a car and just driving it straight away doesn’t make you a worthy driver at all. There are some certain things that you need to learn and to realize in order to be a great driver. Here in this article we are going to mention and highlight some of those critical mistakes that as car owners one must never make at all. These mistakes not only damage your car but can also cause some accidents to happen. So follow them strictly and ensure a safe drive and also an enhanced vehicle life.

First of all, some among us put the ignition on and immediately start driving which is totally a wrong thing. Give at least 10 to 15 seconds to your engine so that the oil reaches all the critical parts of the engine and the friction factor is minimized as much as possible.

Oil or gas selection is also a matter of concern. There are some folks who just go an extra mile in the car care measures. Like they just start using the premium oil in a car whose manual says to use the regular oil in it. This is simply useless, this doesn’t fetch you any fuel economy or any other added advantage at all.

Another major mistake is changing the engine oil every three thousand kilometers. In the past the engine oils could only go up to 3000 KM but now with the help of advanced technologies the oils are a lot more efficient that of the past. They can go up to 4000 or even 5000 KM. In fact some of the synthetic oils can last even for 15000 KM.

Do a routine checkup of all general functions of your car. Look for the engine oil, look for the coolant, transmission fluids, break fluids, and all other fluids that are to be checked in a car. Look whether the car battery is working properly, the water levels are updated; also check whether the headlights or the tail lights are working properly or not. these routine checkups may keep you from furthering the damages and also prevent you from anything bad to happen to your car or to yourself.

Also regularly check for any slashes or cuts in your tires as this could be very fatal or risky especially while on highways in a faster speed.

To find more about automotive accessories, vehicle repairs and services and auto maintenance stay tuned with us.

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