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The Minibus Hire Road Trip List Of Essentials That You Need

Posted by:Darcy Fanning Posted on:Mar 11,2020

Everyone loves a road trip, right? With the open roads ahead and your friends or family around you, the adventures await. The obvious choice of transportation for a group is to get a minibus hire Auckland because then everyone can travel together, with ample storage space. Once you’ve got the minibus hire organised, you’ll need to pack. Here’s a list of essentials you’ll need: 

Your Driver’s License 

It might seem ridiculous to add this to the list, but it is an essential item that cannot be forgotten or left behind under any circumstances. And because road trips require a lot of planning, you might end up losing or misplacing your driver’s license during your packing. Maybe you changed out your wallet or handbag for something more travel-friendly? Perhaps your driver’s license is something you keep in the glove compartment in your everyday vehicle? Whatever it could be, make sure that your driver’s license is with you at all times. The same goes for anyone else who has been added to the rental agreement as an additional driver. 

The Minibus Rental Documentation

When you’re driving on typical Auckland roads during your everyday commute, it’s possible that you’ll be stopped by the authorities. When that happens, they’ll ask to see your driver’s license and the documentation for the vehicle you’re driving, so make sure that you keep the rental documents with you on the journey. You might not need it, but that documentation will have your rental agreement which clearly states the particulars of the rental. If the company provides roadside assistance, these documents will have their contact details, and the telephone numbers for the insurance provider if you’re in an accident. 

A First Aid Kit 

With all the storage space a minibus hire provides, you need to make sure that essential items have been packed in, in case of an emergency. A first aid kit is one such essential item that you can’t go without, even though you hope you won’t need it. On a road trip, you might be travelling in areas without a doctor or hospital nearby, and if you or one of the other passengers need medical attention, you would definitely need a first aid kit! It should contain plasters, painkillers, ointments, antihistamines, and more! Sanitary wipes are also essential. Long travel in between trips to a restroom or hotel to freshen up in can leave you feeling grimy. Keep a stock of antibacterial wipes to clean hands and faces if you need to in between long legs of the journey. 

Map Books 

Although everyone has maps and GPS navigation on their smartphones, anything could happen that could render them useless. If you have no cell signal, or your battery dies during transportation, you won’t have a way to navigate to your destination. So while map books are old school, they can be helpful in your time of need. 

Food And Water 

Drinking water is a major essential because it’s easy to get dehydrated without realising it. Although you’ll most likely pack an assortment of snacks and soft drinks for everyone going on the trip to enjoy, sugary soft drinks don’t hydrate as well as you think! Remember to pack some healthy options as well, such as fruit and sandwiches. You can even pack veggies and dip in a cooler box for something fresh to snack on. And remember enough water for everyone. 

A Fund For Emergencies 

Travelling in groups is a cost-effective way to take a trip with your favourite people. However, as much as everyone wants to save money, there must be a fund for emergencies. If someone falls ill, gets hurt, or if the minibus hire needs a minor service, you’ll need funding to pay for these emergencies. And even though you can call for roadside assistance from the minibus hire agency, it might be easier to pay for an oil top-up or spark plug replacements yourself. You’ll be able to claim these charges back from the rental company when you return the vehicle. 

Phone Chargers 

These days, we’re nowhere without our smartphones. If you were in an emergency, you need a full battery on your phone to call for help. Without it, you might be stranded with a broken-down minibus hire, or someone requiring medical assistance. 

Road trips around Auckland in a minibus hire can be an exciting adventure for everyone, as long as things go according to plan. However, that isn’t always the case, so ensure that you pack all of these essentials before you leave. Utilise the ample storage space that minibus hires are known for!

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