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What is a Luk clutch kit and what does it consist of?

luk clutch kit
Posted by:Edward Fairbridge Posted on:Nov 26,2020

People who own a car, pickup truck or any kind of vehicle knows about the Luk clutch kit and knows all about its functioning. Luk clutches one of the most recognised and well-renowned clutch kit brands, which offers a quality clutch kit, engineered to meet critical performance specifications. But some of the people only know the basic functioning of a clutch. They know about pushing the pedal, changing the gear, and releasing the clutch while concurrently accelerating. But there is far more than just a clutch as the process is more complicated and there is more to know about a clutch kit.

For a car, a clutch kit is one of the important things that you must need whether you are a casual driver or a racer. A clutch is a thing in a car, which decides how smooth your ride is. If you are a casual driver, then you can install a basic clutch kit. But if you are a racer and want to stand out of the pack, then you may need some custom made clutches to make your ride more smooth.

The Luk clutches are intended to perform flawlessly and match with the vehicles exceptional performance characteristics. Each Luk kit you get consists of all those things you need to get the job done right. It consists of a pressure plate, clutch disc, friction plates, release bearing, pilot bearing, and spline tool also. The three major parts are discussed below:

Pressure plate: This plate is a part of the clutch kit, which contains a clutch plate, a cover, springs, and the release fingers. These release fingers look like the spokes on the wheel.

Clutch disc: It is the second most important part of the clutch system. Clutch disc plays an important role as it is designed to control the power between the engine and transmission. Plus, it is also intended to maintain the power flow of flywheel and pressure plate.

Friction plates: The friction plates always come with clutch kits as these are better in the replacement clutches. Plus, to make the clutching process more smooth, it also includes the stronger springs in them because a hard clutch in a car with a manual transmission may arise various issues for the driver.

Anyone who does heavy driving on a daily basis must know about the parts of a Luk clutch kit. So whenever he gets into any trouble, he would be able to diagnose the issue and can replace it easily.

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